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About Us

The company V sisters was founded in 1998 in Eretria by our mother Lydia with the object of retailing of women's clothing and accessories.

With a passport of inspiration, creativity and above all the love for what we do, we made the decision in November 2017 to address a larger audience, so we moved our store to Athens.

A store with global & Greek designers. Our philosophy is our effort to create a total look, for every occasion, with the necessary condition for the comfort of every woman.

The quality and application of our clothes know the acceptance of the female public and are synonymous with a youthful lifestyle. Now we welcome you with a new step by creating our first online store!

We have dedicated a lot of time to provide you with impeccable service to stay happy with our new eshop, enjoy the experience of shopping from home!

Dress the best! Only for the best!